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Green Coffee Quality Assessment Service

Coffee Quality Assessment at HQJ Coffee School

HQJ Coffee School is an In-Country Partner (ICP) of the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) and a Q Professional Venue. We specialize in providing coffee quality assessment services. Through our comprehensive evaluation and education programs, HQJ aims to enhance coffee quality and support coffee producers, ensuring that their products meet the highest standards.

Coffee Quality Assessment Process

The Q Coffee Certification Process Works as Follows:

  1. The sample owner registers the coffee in the CQI database (see “How to Submit a Sample for Q Evaluation”).

  2. The sample owner selects our laboratory from the In-Country Partner list in the CQI database.

  3. Send 2kg of green coffee samples with the CQI reference number to the HQJ Coffee School laboratory. The invoice must be paid before delivery to HQJ.

  4. Upon arrival, the samples are coded and sent to 3 certified Q Graders.

  5. The Q Graders will evaluate the samples following the Q Grading protocol.

  6. The Q Graders submit their scores via the CQI database.

  7. The In-Country Partner (ICP) reviews the scores and sends them to CQI in the U.S. for the final check and validation.

  8. CQI confirms the scores to the sample owner via the CQI database within approximately 8 working days after sample reception.

  9. If a sample reaches a minimum of 80 points, it will receive a Q Coffee certificate and a full report with the results. The sample owner can use the certification to promote the coffee.

  10. If the achieved score is below 80 points, the sample owner will receive a detailed report but won’t get the Q Coffee certificate.


Evaluation Period #2:
Deadline for green coffee sample submission: July 1, 2024
Coffee Quality Assessment - ICP Report: expected from July 25-27, 2024
Announcement of results on the CQI website: July 25-27, 2024


Cost for one green coffee sample: 150 USD (not including VAT)

Integrity and Credibility in Coffee Quality Assessment

HQJ Coffee School is committed to maintaining the highest integrity and credibility in all coffee quality assessment services. As an In-Country Partner (ICP) and Q Professional Venue of CQI, we ensure that all evaluation processes adhere to the strictest international standards. We pledge:

  1. Integrity in Evaluation Process: Every coffee sample is assessed objectively and fairly by certified Q Graders, using the standardized Q Grading protocol of CQI.

  2. Credibility in Results: Our evaluation results are recognized and validated by CQI in the USA, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

  3. Support for Producers: We not only assess coffee quality but also assist producers in enhancing their skills and product quality, contributing to the sustainable development of the coffee industry.

  4. Transparency in Information: All scores of specialty coffee samples (above 80 points) are published on the official CQI website, ensuring transparency and building trust for producers and consumers.

HQJ Coffee School is dedicated to enhancing coffee quality and delivering sustainable value to the coffee industry in Vietnam and internationally.

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