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[PROCESS SERIES] Wet Hulled Process

Popular preliminary processing methods such as Natural, Washed, Honey, and Wet Hulled are also popular preliminary processing methods in Indonesia. In addition to the name Wet Hulled, people also know by the name Giling Basah aka Semi-Washed, Sumatra Process.

Wet Hulling traditionally used in Indonesia was created to speed up the drying process for Washed Process coffees. In a standard Washed Process, the coffee is dried to 12% moisture as Parchment, but Wet Hulled coffees have the parchment layer removed when the coffees still have 25-35% moisture and further dried to 12% moisture as Green Coffee.

This method of drying can cause unwanted and/or defect flavors in the coffees but when done properly can impart complexity to the cup profile not found in other Washed Coffees due to the secondary fermentation that happens inside the Green Coffee.

Well done Wet Hulled coffees have deep complex but less intense acidity with rich heavy body. The flavor profiles are more towards notes of molasses, brown sugar, roasted nuts, dark chocolate with tones of sweet herbs and spice.

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