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HQJ Coffee School is the first and the only SCA Premier Training Campus in Vietnam to be fully certified for all five specialist modules in SCA Coffee Skills Program which are Green coffee; Roasting; Sensory; Brewing and Barista.

The Academy by HQJ was established by the cooperation of the top three Specialty Coffee Companies in Taiwan - HWC Roasters, Vietnam - Quest Coffee and Malaysia - JWC.


Our mission is to provide the highest level of coffee knowledge and skills through our Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) and Coffee Quality Institute' (CQI) Coffee Program to Vietnam coffee industry.

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Cà phê Vietnam
Học viên HQJ

Ms. Le My Trinh

when I saw that the class was open for registration, I immediately flew from Da Nang to Saigon to attend. And yes! the class did not disappoint me.

Học viên HQJ

Ms. Nguyen Thi Minh Hai

I have been through a lot of classes at HQJ and they are all great experience...HQJ has opened a whole new coffee world for me.

Học viên HQJ

Mr. Phan Cong Bao

All activities organized by HQJ were meaningful, from picking up defects to cup triangles or trying different scents. Each activity has its own practical application...If The Academy organizes more Q Grader classes in the future, I will definitely enroll.

Instructor Team

Sam - HQJ Giảng Viên

Mr. Sam Choi

Authorized SCA Trainer for all six modules in coffee: Introduction to Coffee, Green Coffee, Roasting, Sensory, Brewing and Barista.

Q Instructor Assistant certified by Coffee Quality Institute (CQI).



Ms. Bella Pham

    Authorized SCA Trainer for four modules in coffee: Introduction to Coffee, Sensory, Brewing and Barista.

- Champion of Vietnam National Barista Championship 2023

- Champion of the first Vietnam Brewing Cup Vietnam 2020.

- 1st Runner-up of Vietnam National Barista Championship 2019.

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Mr. Danh Nguyen

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Dancafe roastery


Certified Q Arabica Grader and Q Robusta Grader SCA Roasting Professional Certificate, Specialty Coffee Association International SCA Green Coffee, SCA Sensory, SCA Barista, SCA Brewing Intermediate Certificate, Specialty Coffee Association International



Design & operation of coffee shops

Head Barista at The Coffee Emporium, Macquarie Park, NSW, Australia

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