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The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA)

The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) is a trade association built on the foundation of openness, inclusiveness, and the power of shared knowledge. The goal of the SCA is to nurture a global coffee community to support activities that make coffee more sustainable, equitable, and thriving for the entire value chain.

From coffee farmers to baristas and coffee roasters, their members span the globe, encompassing every aspect of the coffee value chain.

Purpose of SCA

SCA is committed to nurturing a worldwide coffee community and endorsing initiatives designed to transform specialty coffee into a flourishing, fair, and enduring endeavor throughout the entire value chain.


Establish a proficient, genuine, and vigorous entity to amplify and materialize the potential of specialty coffee across the globe.


Foster, motivate, and broaden a resilient international community focused on specialty coffee by guiding initiatives in events, learning, and studies.

Strategic Objectives

Make the specialty coffee industry more sustainable with an agenda focused on partnerships, education, research, and advocacy.

Create opportunities for professional engagement and personal development through the network and programs of The Specialty Coffee Association.

Expand our global network and enhance the experience of stakeholders by working with local communities.

Provide outstanding service to members of the global specialty coffee community in everything they do.

Core Values

#1 Relevant Member Value

The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) serves its members as a non-profit global platform by:

  1. Providing world-class events, education, research, and standards;

  2. Encouraging best practices and professionalism that are inclusive of and adaptable to context;

  3. Amplifying voices within the specialty coffee value chain.

#2 Sustainable Coffee Industry

The Specialty Coffee Association advocates for the sustainable development of the coffee industry through collaborative partnerships that pursue fairness, prioritize mutual benefits, and result in positive impacts throughout the coffee supply chain. They work to improve understanding of critical social issues and inequities through proactive efforts, focused attention, education, and dedicated resources.

#3 Community of Communities

The Specialty Coffee Association values diverse perspectives by listening, centering, and adapting to unique local characteristics while encouraging a sense of global community for cultural and economic exchange. They recognize local communities and facilitate the development of infrastructure, communication, and sharing within and among coffee communities.

#4 Best People

The Specialty Coffee Association acknowledges that diverse perspectives are necessary for a balanced and dynamic representation of and for membership. This includes (but is not limited to) race, gender, age, nationality, sexual orientation, member category, and career, as well as intersections of these identities. They develop, empower, and retain the best volunteer leaders and staff to engage members and external audiences by creating an informative, inclusive, rewarding, and mutually supportive environment.

#5 Ethical Operation

The Specialty Coffee Association demonstrates integrity in business practice and non-profit governance. SCA complies with local regulatory requirements and acts with unwavering dedication to its self-defined commitments. They inspire trust through transparent communication and recognition of accountability, and improve performance through aspiration, self-monitoring, and member engagement.

#6 Respect for the Individual

The Specialty Coffee Association creates, produces, and supports discrimination-free and harassment-free safe spaces for personal and professional collaboration, growth, and learning. SCA recognizes that member benefits and participation in activities vary depending on identity, background, privilege, and access to resources, and they acknowledge that every member has a voice.

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