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Masterclass - Green Coffee Compertition Judging

After becoming a Q Grader, the next step is what?

After obtaining the Q Grader certification from the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI), the next step for those who want to further their career in the coffee industry is to become a coffee judge. HQJ Coffee School is offering this special course to help Q Graders enhance their skills and apply their knowledge practically by participating in judging green coffee competitions.

Through this Masterclass course, Q Graders will be equipped with the knowledge to objectively evaluate coffee based on sensory characteristics, using a 100-point scale. This is an important foundation for defining and quantifying coffee quality and is a core element in evaluating and scoring the quality of green coffee beans.

This not only helps individuals advance their careers but also contributes to improving global coffee quality by participating as judges in green coffee competitions.

Opportunities after participating in the Masterclass course

After participating in the Masterclass and obtaining the Q Arabica/Robusta Grader certification, you will have the opportunity to become a judge in the first Vietnam Green Coffee Competition (VGCC), which will select Robusta and Arabica green coffee beans to represent Vietnam in the 1st Southeast Asia Green Coffee Competition.

Course Content

Day 1: Preparation and Calibration

  • Developing cupping skills: Q Grader participants will be guided on how to use and develop their skills in preparation for the role of green coffee competition judge.

  • Coffee calibration: Perform cupping calibration along with two practice tables, laying the foundation for a professional evaluation process.

Day 2: Cupping Marathon and Analysis

  • Cupping Marathon: Experience the challenge with three consecutive cupping tables, accelerating pace and enhancing focus in coffee evaluation.

  • Statistical analysis: Use statistical analysis to provide feedback to each cupper on calibration, consistency, and the scoring of each coffee attribute.

Mastering Rules and Standards

  • Approaching GCC: Learn professional techniques and tips for evaluating GCC.

  • Rules and regulations: Deep dive into the rules and regulations of Vietnam GCC to apply them accurately in evaluations.

  • VGCC standard calibration: Understand the VGCC standards and their impact on coffee evaluation and the effect on producers.

Prerequisites for participating in the Masterclass course

The GCC Arabica Masterclass is for Q Arabica Graders who are already certified or Q Arabica Grader students who are waiting for a retake to receive their CQI certification.

The GCC Robusta Masterclass is for Q Robusta Graders who are already certified or Q Robusta Grader students who are waiting for a retake to receive their CQI certification.


GCC MASTERCLASS - Taught by Sam Choi

Sam Choi is a Q Instructor for the Q Arabica Grader course and Q Robusta course.

Sam Choi is an educator and coffee expert working with Arabica and Fine Robusta across Southeast Asian countries.

Sam Choi is also an SCA Authorized Trainer for Green Coffee, Cup Tasting, Roasting, Manual Brewing, and Espresso Making.

Furthermore, Sam serves as the Head Judge of the World Roasting Championship and a Cup Tasting Judge at the World Brewers Cup.


The class size is 12 students.

Time and location


GCC Arabica Masterclass March 15 - 16, 2024

GCC Robusta Masterclass March 17 - 18, 2024


HQJ Coffee School - 738 Su Van Hanh, Ward 12, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Tuition and Promotional Programs

The GCC Arabica Masterclass is priced at: $450

The GCC Robusta Masterclass is priced at: $450

Additionally, HQJ Coffee School offers a Combo of 2 Masterclasses priced at: $700

The tuition fee does not include 8% Value Added Tax.

Furthermore, there's a 5% discount program for alumni and international students

Special offer for students who deposit 30% of the total tuition fee and an additional 5% discount for those who deposit before March 1

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