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Coffee Quality Institute - CQI

The Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) is a global non-profit organization that aims to improve the quality of coffee and the lives of those attached to it.


Founded in 1996, CQI is considered the heart of the Specialty Coffee industry. This organization focuses primarily on adding value to the coffee industry. In 2003, CQI started its first Q course and Q Grader certification in 2004. CQI trained and certified the highest level of tasters to evaluate specialty coffees.


In 2004, CQI offered an alternative to the stock market (C market) for the first time through auctions. Q Graders use an industry-recognized cupping process to evaluate the quality of their the coffee. The Q certificate has since become a highlight and a proof for the quality of coffee in the Specialty Coffee industry.


As of 2010, CQI has 1,000 Q Grader. That same year, CQI launched the Q Robusta Training Course. So far with more than 4,000 Q Grader globally, CQI and Q training courses have become the highlight of the Coffee Specialty Coffee sector's quality assessment.


The Q program includes Q Cupping Essential (QCE), Q Arabica Grader, Q Robusta Grader, and Q Processing courses.

Q Cupping Essentials
Q Robusta Grader
Q Arabica grader
Q Processing expert

HQJ Coffee School - Q Professional Venue

HQJ Coffee School officially becomes Q Professional Venue. This is an important step marking our development and commitment to being the leading coffee training place in Vietnam. Recognized by the Coffee Quality Institute, the Q Professional Venue title is an extremely valuable mark, certifying that HQJ Coffee School is not only a good place to study, but also a reliable point for professional coffee training. get high.

To obtain this certification, HQJ Coffee underwent a rigorous inspection process to be approved as a Q  Professional Venue. We have an outstanding team of instructors certified by the CQI living and working in Vietnam, through which our instructors will bring practical knowledge about the coffee industry in Vietnam and share perspectives that the global coffee industry is implementing.

Q Professional Venue is proof of HQJ Coffee School's relentless efforts and achievement of the strict standards of the international coffee industry. At our school location, we provide a full range of facilities and modern equipment to help students have the best learning experience according to international standards.

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